HMI Application Example: Semiconductor Film Forming Equipment (Device Memory Map)

MONITOUCH employed on equipment used in IC manufacturing that performs wafer film forming.

Film forming equipment employs multiple devices to perform various types of control including valve control, temperature control, and process control.

The touch panel on the operation panel must be able to display and operate such devices and also transfer data between devices.


 It is necessary to use numerous operation and monitoring screens are necessary when numerous devices are being utilized. Handling data transfers between devices in addition to this is extremely demanding.

◆   Creating macros to handle data transfer between devices causes the communication load to reduce the responsiveness of screen operations.



Resolved using MONITOUCH’s device memory map function.

Reduced the work hours required to create transfer programs. Improved operation responsiveness.

◆  User friendly and reduces work hours. Just register the data transfer correspondence table to the device memory map

◆ Improves operation responsiveness. Screen operations are unaffected since transfer processing is performed at different timings.