V806iCD – 5.7″ QVGA

Product Details:

Standard Features:

Optional Features and Accessories:

Product Specifications:

Display Type STN Color LCD
Colors 65K Color or 32K color with blink mode
Resolution 320 x 240
Rating IP65 with gasket / IP20 from rear
Memory approx 4.5 MB
PLC 9 PinSerial Ports Optional (DU-10) DB9F (RS232C, RS422, RS485)
Data transfer 8 pin Modular Serial Ports 2 – RJ45 (RS232C, RS422, RS485)
Printer Serial Ports USB Master/Slave
Certification CE / UL / Class 1 Div 2
Ethernet Standard
CF Card Optional (DU-10)
Real TimeClock Standard