Laser Gas Analyzers

Insertion type offers high-speed measurement.

Long-term stability and low maintenance.

ZSS Laser Gas Analysers for : waste incinerators, district heating and industrial boilers, chemical plant.

NH3  –  HCI  –  CO  –  O2  –  CO2  –  CH4

ZSS Laser gas analysers provide continuous measurement of gas concentration

  • CO and O2 with ZSS dual beam TDL analyser (ZSS-D)
  • HCl, NH3, CO, CO2 and O2 with the ZSS single beam analyser (ZSS-S)


  • Laser Technology: high precision
  • Compact size
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fast response

Absorption spectrum

The analyser uses near infrared semiconductor laser and measures the change in absorption wavelength to determine the gas concentration.


Energy saving and low maintenance

No sampling involved  –  No filter
No preconditioning  –  No catalyst
  1. Energy consumption ≤ 80 VA
  2. Maintenance work ≤ twice a year
  3. With no need for sampling devices and preconditioning, consumable parts and maintenance work are greatly reduced.

Zero point stability

  • ±2.0% FS per 6 months

Purge system reduces the risk of zero drift due to contamination

Fast response within 2 seconds

Compared to the ion electrode (sampling) method, the direct measurement provides remarkably faster response.

CO + O2 analyser available:

Simultaneous measurement of CO and O₂ enables precise control of air-fuel ratio while reducing the cost of installation and maintenance.

  • ppm CO + O2 (high-temperature)
  • vol% CO + O2
  • ppm CO + O2 (instrument air purge)
  • CO + CO2

Instrument air purge available

O₂ analyser for combustion control accepts instrument air purge.