Paramagnetic Gas Analyzer

Fast response unaffected by combustible gas.
Combustion control in industrial furnaces and incinerators.
Fast response within 2 seconds. Tolerant to interference.

Measurement principle

  • When the sample gas is placed in a magnetic field, oxygen molecules will be attracted. This gives rise to a pressure, which is detected by a mass flow sensor.


  • Fast response within 2 seconds
  • Tolerant to interference from other gas (H2, CO2, etc.)
  •  Suppressed ranges available (e.g. 21–100%O2)
  • No moving parts – low maintenance
  • Automatic calibration, communication (option)

NO2 /NO Converter (ZDL03 Series)

NO2 /NO Converter (ZDL04 Series)

NO2 /NO Converter (ZDL05 Series)