Electromagnetic Flowmeter Type MAGNETOFLOW™ M1000

The M1000 amplifier is suited for bidirectional flow measurement of liquids 5 μS/cm (>20 μS/cm for demineralized water). It combines all the opportunities of price with high level performance. Information such as flow rate, total flow rates, daily flow rate or even an alert can easily be read from the LCD display. Various inputs, outputs and interfaces allow a wide range of different applications with the M1000. Thanks to the IP67 aluminium housing the M1000 is ideal for outdoor applications in rugged environmental conditions. The M1000 with a robust stainless steel housing was specially developed to meet the highest
requirements in the food industry.

Mainly features

  • Accuracy : ±0,3 % of actual flow
  • Flow range : 0,03 – 12 m/s
  • DN 6 – DN 500 (1/4″ – 20″)
  • Protection class IP67
  • Modbus®, HART™, MBUS, Ethernet interfaces

Technical data

Power supply 92-275 VAC (50 / 60 Hz), <10 VA optional 9-36 VDC
Accuracy +/- 0,3% of m.v., +/- 2 mm/s
Repeatability 0,1%
Flow range 0,03 – 12 m/s
Conductivity min. 5 µS/cm (20 µS/cm for demineralized water)
Flow direction bi-directional
Programming 3  buttons optional RS232
Interface RS232, RS422/485, Modbus® RTU in standard
HART™, M-Bus, ETHERNET (Modbus® TCP/IP) in option
Analog output 0/4 – 20 mA / 0-10 mA, flow direction is displayed upon a separate status output
Pulse output 2 open collectors, passive 32 VDC, 0-100 Hz 100 mA, 100-10.000 Hz 20 mA, optional active
Frequency output max. 10 kHz (open collector)
Status output min/max. alarm, preselection, flow direction, error message, free configurable
Empty pipe detection separate electrode
Low flow cut off 0-10%
Housing Powder coated aluminium die cast
Protection class IP67
Cable insertion 2 x M 20
Ambient temperature -20 up to +60°C

Three detector types available


Size: DN 6 to DN 500
Nominal pressure : PN 10 to PN 100

Linear materials

Type Diameter Fluid temperature
Neoprene DN 25 to 500 0 to 80°C
Hard rubber DN 25 to 500 0 to 80°C
PFA DN 6 to 10 -40 to 0 +150°C
PTFE DN 15 to 500 -40 to +150°C
Halar DN 300 to 500 -40 to +150°C

Electrodes material : Hastelloy C (Standard), Tantal, Platinum / Gold plated, Platinum / Rhodium
Flange connection DIN, ANSI, JIS, AWWA, etc
Dimension according to ISO 13359,
Empty pipe electrode as Standard,
The ground electrode in the same material as the measurement electrode
Ground ring in option
IP67 or IP68 protection in option.


Size : DN 25 to DN 100,
Nominal pressure : PN 40,
Linear materiel : PTFE,
Fluid temperature : -40 to +150°C,
Electrodes material : Hastelloy, Tantal, Platinum / Gold plated or Platinum / Rhodium,
Protection class : IP65 or IP68 in option.


Size: DN 10 to DN 100,
Nominal pressure: PN40,
Linear material: PTFE,
Electrodes material : Hastelloy C (standard), Tantal, Platinum / Gold plated or Platinum / Rhodium,
Housing : stainless stell,
Lay : Tri-Clamp connection, ISO 2852 or SMS DIN 11851 connection,
Protection class : IP65 or IP68 in option.