Integral Ultrasonic Flowmeter S-Flow (FSZ)

Easy Installation, Space Savings

Flow rate is “visualized” using our long-cultivated ultrasonic technologies.
Contributes to energy savings and production process solutions.

  • Easy Clamp-on type by simply tightening 4 screws.
    No need for pipe modification.
  • Integrated detector and flow transmitter for space savings.
  • Built-in temperature sensor enables simultaneous measurement of flow rate and temperature (Optional).

Equipment configuration

Integrates the detector and flow transmitter to simplify equipment configurations.


Measuring principle

Transit-time measuring method by Fuji proprietary digital signal processing

By using the ultrasonic pulses transmitted diagonally between the upstream and downstream sensors mounted on the outside of the pipe, the flow rate is measured by detecting the time difference obtained by the flow of fluid.

Reduces labor hours and installation costs

Clamp-on type requires no pipe modification. It can be installed without stopping equipment.

Easy installation using a single screwdriver.

Easy to set up

Configurable only with three buttons. Simply turn on, configure four settings, and start measuring immediately.

No grease required

No need to store grease for maintenance purposes.

Easy-to-read LED display of flow rate values

Easy-to-read, intuitive 2-row LED display. Front function keys allow for easy operation.

Integral, Compact design

Flow transmitter and detector functions are integrated to achieve compact dimensions. Compared to conventional flow transmitter (type: FLR), the size is reduced by approximately 76%.

Can be installed on densely-spaced piping and inside of equipment


Main unit type Type Pipe diameter
FSZ08 8A, 10A
FSZ15 15A, 20A
FSZ25 25A, 32A
Configuration Integrated flow transmitter and detector
Mounting method Clamp-on type
Measurement method Transit-time measuring method
Fluid to measure Homogenous fluids where ultrasonic signals can be transmitted
Measurement range 0 to ±5 m/s (Min. 0 to ±0.2 m/s)
Accuracy Velocity 1 m/s to 5 m/s: ±2% of rate Velocity less than 1 m/s: ±0.02 m/s
Required straight pipe length Upstream 10D or more; Downstream 5D or more (D: Pipe inner diameter)
Pipe materials Metals (stainless steel, steel, copper) Plastics (PVC, PP, PVDF)
Piping thickness 1.2 mm to 4.9 mm
Fluid temperature -15 to +85°C (Can vary depending on ambient temperature)
Response time: 0.5 seconds
Output signal 4 to 20 mA DC: 1 point
Contact: 2 points
Display LED 4-digit 2-row display
Degree of protection IP65/IP67
Ambient tem- perature -15 to +60°C
Ambient humidity 95%RH or less
Power supply and power consumption 20 to 27.5 V DC, 2.5 W or less
Mass FSZ08: 400 g
FSZ15: 500 g
FSZ25: 600 g
Temperature measurement (Optional) Pipe surface temperature measurement

Integral Ultrasonic Flowmeter S-Flow (FSZ)