Micro Controller

Digital temperature controller PXE is a compact and versatile controller that accepts thermocouples and RTD inputs. It controls temperature with the ON-OFF control and PID control. This temperature controller offers compact dimensions, with a front panel of 48 x 48 mm and a depth of 62 mm.


  • Compact design with a depth of 62 mm including 1,6mm front panel
  • Simple key operation
  • NEMA A4 front panel
  • Up to two alarm outputs
  • Configuration function of the input type and measurement range as standard:
    • A user can swich input type among Pt100 RTD and 9 types of thermocouples and their measuring range with front keys.
  • Adapts to almost any process to be regulated:
    • Relay contact output or SSR drive output
    • ON-OFF, PID and fuzzy control