Photoconductor Milestone

Fuji Electric Photoconductor Business Timeline

Launch R&D Project of Selenium Photoconductor Drum 1971
Start manufacturing of Selenium Photoconductor Drum in Matsumoto, Japan
U.S. Fuji Electric (currently FECOA) was founded in Piscataway, NJ USA
U.S. Fuji Electric
1986 Hong Kong Fuji Electric was founded in HK
Hong Kong Fuji Electric
1987 Fuji Electric Europe was founded in Frankfurt, Germany
Fuji Electric Europe
Start Production of Organic Photoconductor Drum (Matsumoto) 1988
1990 Production of OPC’s begins in Hong Kong
OPC Production established in Piscataway, NJ 1993
 ISO 9001 Certified 1994
1995 Fuji Electric (Shenzhen) founded in China
Fuji Electric (Shenzhen)
ISO 14001 Certified 1998
2004 OPC Manufacturing begins in Shenzhen, China
Integration of all production lines into Fuji Electric (Shenzhen) was completed 2006
2009/2014 Expansion and additional Manufacturing Lines Installed