Release of New High-Power 2-in-1 IGBT Module Series Designed for Parallel Connections

Fuji Electric Holdings Co., Ltd., announces that its core operating company, Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd., will release the New High-Power 2-in-1 IGBT Module series of high-capacity, low-power-loss Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) modules designed for parallel connections. Sales will commence from January 2011.

In line with the spread of power generation from natural energy sources such as solar and wind, such power generation facilities are continuing to expand in scale. Accordingly, demand is growing for high-capacity power semiconductors used in these power conversion systems.

The models in the New High-Power 2-in-1 IGBT Module series are suitable for higher power capacity in comparison with conventional 2-in-1 IGBT modules, as they have been designed to realize low inductance and current balance of parallel-connected semiconductors to optimize parallel connections.

   1. Features

(1) Suitable for high power capacity through a design that realizes low inductance and optimal current balance of parallel-connected semiconductors

(2) Equipped with a sixth generation V-IGBT chip to achieve low power loss

(3) A high degree of reliability in the heat cycle is ensured through the application of powerful ultrasonic bonding technology

(4) Compatible with Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards

   2. Outline of specifications

Product model Package dimensions
Voltage rating
Current rating
2MBI600VXA-120E-50 172 x 89 x 38 1,200 600
2MBI900VXA-120P-50 900
2MBI1400VXB-120P-50 250 x 89 x 38 1,400
2MBI650VXA-170E-50 172 x 89 x 38 1,700 650
2MBI1000VXB-170E-50 250 x 89 x 38 1,000

   3. Primary applications

The series is designed for use at electrical power conversion facilities such as wind turbine and solar power systems, as well as in high-voltage inverters and high-capacity inverters.

   4. Sales release

        January 2011

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