What is the trade-off relation of the IGBT power devices?

The trade-off relationship of an IGBT describes the relation between ON-state conduction losses, switching losses and short circuit withstand capability. An IGBT can be optimized for either one. For example, when reducing the conduction losses, the switching losses will increase and the short circuit withstand capability decrease.

How to calculate the DC-lock in servo drive applications?

The calculation can be done by using the Fuji IGBT Simulator which you find on the webpage.

Is there any relation between the short-circuit time of the IGBT module tSC and the gate voltage VGE?

Yes. If the gate voltage VGE is high, short-circuit current ISC will increase, and short-circuit withstand time tSC will become shorter.

Would it be possible to receive ΔTj power cycle lifetime curve for Small IPM?

Yes, it is available on the web site. Please download the data from the link below.

For the V Series IPM a connector, MDF-25S-2.54DSA (by HIROSE ELECTRIC CO., LTD.) is recommended for the high capacity type P631. However, this type has 25 poles which does not match with the IPM control pin count of 16. Do you know a connector with poles extracted from positions where the IPM pin is unavailable?

Please contact HIROSE ELECTRIC. CO., LTD.

For thermal calculations of IGBT module, which numeric value should be used, chip or terminal, to estimate/calculate the values of VCEsat and VF?

When you estimate the junction temperature Tvj, please use the chip characteristic data for the calculation.

Can I use roller and spatula for applying thermal grease to an IGBT module, or is there a problem ?

If roller and/or spatula is used to apply thermal grease, the amount of application may vary or it is impossible to coat the grease evenly. Therefore, those tools are not recommended. Instead, we strongly recommend an application of the grease using stencil masks (See Q40).

Are the characteristics of the NTC thermistor built in an IGBT module different depending of the product type? Are there different types for each module?

They are the same. Refer to the Data sheet of each type for resistance value and B constant.

Is the temperature of the NTC thermistor in an IGBT module the same as the heatsink temperature Ts?

The temperature of the NTC thermistor and the heatsink temperature Ts are different.

Is the temperature of the NTC thermistor in an IGBT module the same as the junction temperature Tvj?

The temperature of the NTC thermistor and the junction temperature Tvj are different. The junction temperature Tvj becomes higher than the temperature of the NTC thermistor. The thermistor is mounted on the same insulating substrate as the IGBT chip but is away from the IGBT chip. It follows the junction temperature Tvj with an offset […]