What is an RB-IGBT?

It stands for Reverse Blocking Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor. Reverse-parallel connection of RB-IGBT enables both way switching. It is incorporated in Fuji Electric’s exclusive AT-NPC (Advanced T-type Neutral Point Clamped) 3-level inverters, to increase the power conversion efficiency because there are less current passing elements.

What kind of batteries work with Fuji Electric UPSs?

Our UPSs work ideally with lead-acid wet cells, VRLA batteries, lithium-ion batteries of all chemistries, and flywheels. NiCd batteries are also an option, contact the factory for more information.

What preventative maintenance is required for Fuji Electric UPSs?

Fuji Electric recommends two PMs per year, one “minor” PM to check batteries, and inspect the unit online, and one “major” PM to send the load to bypass, do a thorough mechanical inspection and cleaning, full diagnostic test, and of course inspect the batteries as well.

Do your capacitors require regular replacement?

No, our AC and DC capacitors are designed for the life of the unit, and no regular replacements are required.

Do Fuji Electric UPSs use redundant fans?

Yes, all of our products have redundant fans.