VFC Series Ring Compressors

The VFC Series ring compressors are single-stage regenerative blowers with a maximum pressure of 139 in. H2O, a maximum vacuum of 110 in. H2O and a maximum capacity of 570 SCFM. Motors are direct drive from 1/10 to 20 HP. Voltages are available in 115 single phase, 230 single phase, 230/460 3-phase dependent upon motor size. All units are provided with threaded flanges.

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VFC06 –Discontinued
Replacement Model:None

VFC08 – Available


VFC10 – Available


VFC20 – Available


VFC30 – Available


VFC40 –
VFC400P-5T: Available
VFC-400A-7W, VFC-400A-5W: Discontinued
Replacement Model: VFZ401A


VFC50 –
VFC508P-2T: Available
VFC500A-7W, VFC500A-5W: Discontinued
Replacement Model: VFZ501A


VFC60 –Discontinued
Replacement Model: VFZ601A


VFC70 –Discontinued
Replacement Model: VFZ701A

VFC80 –Discontinued
Replacement Model: VFZ801A


VFC90 –Discontinued
Replacement Model: VFZ901A


Support Info

Technical Support:
(201) 490-3928
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EST)
Monday – Friday

Customer Service:
(510) 403-7862
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (PST)
Monday – Friday

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