NDIR CO2 Controller

Ideal to monitor CO2 in the air

The ZFP9, non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer, is suitable for CO2 concentration measurement in the air. Air analysis is performed using a non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR sensor). It allows ZFP9 to accurately measure CO2 concentration.

The measured value is displayed directly on the indicator and is sent to the analog output (4 to 20mA) which is included in the standard model. Thanks to its alarm functions (high and low limit) as standard, it can also be used as a controller.


  • Protected horticulture
  • Buildings ventilation systems
  • Controlled atmosphere storage facilities


  • Use of high-performance infrared-ray system
  • Excellent stability and easy maintenance
  • Control with upper/lower limit alarm functions possible
  • Compact and lightweight (Approx. 3kg)
  • Conformity with the RoHS directive
  • Pump and filter included
  • Wall mount type

Infrared CO2 Controller (ZFP9 Series)

Infrared CO2 Controller (ZFP9-3 Series)