Wind Power Generation

IGBT Modules for Double Fed and Direct Drive Systems with Double, Direct and Direct + Multi-Level Configuration Examples


IGBT Modules for 2-Level and NPC 3-Level Inverters with Conversion Circuit Examples


600V, 1200V, and 1700V IGBT Modules for General-Purpose Inventors with Circuit Configuration Example

MV (Medium-Voltage Inverters)

3.3kV, 6.6kV and 10kV IGBT Modules with Main Circuit Examples

NC / Servos

600V and 1200V IGBT Modules for General-Purpose Servos with Circuit Configuration


High Power Modules (HPM), PrimePACK™, IGBGT Modules and Choppers with Circuit Examples

Welding Machines

Boost Chopper, Half-Bridge and Discrete IGBTs with Circuit Examples


600V and 1200V IGBT Modules with Circuit Example

Switching Power Supplies

Flyback and Forward Convert Circuit Configurations

PC / Servers

Notebook Flyback and Desktop / Server Forward and Double Forward Converter Circuit Configurations

Flat-screen TVs

Flyback and Current Resonance Converter Circuit Configurations


Engine, Headlight, Interior Light, AV & Accessory, HEV Motor, Transmission, Brake and Steering Control Products

LED Lighting

Flyback and Current Resonance Converter Circuit Configurations


IGBT Modules for Air Conditioner Outdoor Units with Circuit Configuration