Fuji Electric Review Vol.63-No. 4, 2017



Power Semiconductors Contributing in Energy Management


Power Semiconductors Contributing in Energy Management


Efforts to curb CO2 emissions are very important to address global warming. Measures are thus actively being taken to save energy, expand renewable energy, including photovoltaic and wind power generation, and introduce electrically driven vehicles, such as hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs). In this situation, expectations are increasingly raised for power semiconductors as key devices for power electronics to use electric energy efficiently and stably. Fuji Electric has developed and commercialized power semiconductors that facilitate downsizing and efficiency improvement of power electronics equipment intended for many fields.
This special issue presents the latest technologies and products of Fuji Electric’s power semiconductors.

All-SiC Modules Equipped with SiC Trench Gate MOSFETs
NAKAZAWA, MasayoshiDAICHO, NorihiroTSUJI, Takashi
There are increasing expectations placed on products that utilize SiC modules to achieve higher efficiency,smaller size and larger capacity in power conversion equipment. Fuji Electric has been producing products that incorporate All-SiC modules with a rated capacity of up to 1,200V/100A in a package with a new structure. This package achieves higher performance and higher reliability for SiC modules. In order to expand the rated capacity, Fuji Electric has recently developed a large-capacity package with a new structure. This new package utilizes an All-SiC module with a rated capacity of 1,200V/400A, being equipped with an SiC trench gate MOSFET that achieves both low on-resistance and high-speed switching characteristics.

3.3-kV All-SiC Modules for Electric Distribution Equipment
TANIGUCHI, KatsumiKANEKO, SatoshiKUMADA, Keishiro
Fuji Electric has partnered with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) in a project to develop electric distribution equipment and control systems that contribute to power grid stabilization when distributed energy sources such as solar power generation are massively introduced. For electric distribution equipment, an All-SiC module with a withstand voltage of 3.3 kV has been developed in that purpose. Compared to conventional Si-IGBT modules, it reduces the generated loss of inverters by 64%. As a result, our electric distribution equipment becomes so small and lightweight that they can be mounted to a single utility pole, which was not possible for conventional Si-IGBT modules due to size restrictions.

“PrimePACK™” of 7th-Generation “X Series” 1,700-V IGBT Modules
The demand for large-capacity IGBT modules has been expanding for power conversion systems used in various sectors such as industrial, consumer, automotive and renewable energy. Fuji Electric has developed the “Prime-PACKTM” as the 7th-generation “X Series” IGBT modules. The module reduces power dissipation through characteristic enhancement of semiconductor chip and significantly reduces thermal resistance by using a newly developed high thermal conductive insulating substrate. Furthermore, by improving the capacity of ΔTvj power cycle and the heat resistance of insulating silicone gel, the module has increased the guaranteed continuous operating temperature from 150°C to 175°C. With these technical development, Fuji Electric has achieved a product with a maximum rated current of 1,800A using newly developed technologies.

“HPnC” High-Current SiC Hybrid Module
SEKINO, YusukeMITSUMOTO, TakahiroMORIYA, Tomohiro
Fuji Electric has been developing the “HPnC” high-current power module to be used with electric railcars and photovoltaic and wind power generation facilities. The chip uses 7th-generation “X Series” technology, enabling it to achieve lower power loss. The package employs an aluminum nitride (AlN) insulating substrate that utilizes a high heat-dissipating member, as well as base materials consisting of magnesium and silicon carbide composite materials (MgSiC). Adopting a laminated structure for the enclosure of the terminal makes the internal inductance decrease to 10 nH. Furthermore, Ultrasonic terminal welding is used to comply with the RoHS directive. With these technologies, the module achieves a high current density, which is 12% greater than the conventional HPM.

7th-Generation “X Series” RC-IGBT Module Line-Up for Industrial Applications
In order to meet the market demand of the smaller size, lower power dissipation and higher reliability for IGBT modules, Fuji Electric has developed a reverse conduction insulated gate bipolar transistor (RC-IGBT) that integrates an IGBT and a FWD on a single chip. We have also developed the “Dual XT” to expand the line-up of the 7th-generation “X Series” RC-IGBT module for industrial applications that has a rated voltage of 1,200V. While the “Dual XT” 6th-generation “V Series” IGBT module for industrial applications had a maximum rated current of 600A, the new module has an expanded rated current of 1,000A. Compared with the conventional product, which uses the same package, the new product greatly improves the junction temperature and junction temperature rise of the chip during actual operation. This module will contribute to further increase of the output and extension of service life of the power converters.

“M660” High-Power IGBT Module for Automotive Applications
OSAWA, AkihiroHIGUCHI, KeiichiNAKANO, Hayato
IGBT modules for automotive applications need to have low power loss to efficiently use battery power. They are also required to achieve small size and lighter weight while having high power. In response to these market demands, Fuji Electric has developed the “M660” direct water-cooled power module. This module adopts a lead frame structure, instead of wire bonding, which was conventionally used for internal wiring. It also employs the cooling structure that integrates a water jacket with reverse-conducting insulated gate bipolar transistors (RC-IGBTs) that have improved characteristics. With these structures, the M660 achieves the rated capacity of 750V/1,200A, which is the world’s highest power as a general-purpose 6-in-1 IGBT module.

6.5th-Generation Automotive Pressure Sensors
UZAWA, RyoheiNISHIKAWA, MutsuoTANAKA, Takahide
There is increasing demand for reducing the environmental load of automobiles. Automotive pressure sensors, which are indispensable for control systems for high efficient engines and cleaner exhaust gas, are required to achieve high-temperature operation, corrosion resistance, electrification resistance, and miniaturization. In order to meet these demands, the 6.5th-generation automotive pressure sensors have been developed. They inherit from the 6th-generation series while providing several enhancements, such as improved electrification resistance and corrosion resistance to exhaust gas and vaporized fuel, as well as a smaller size and improved reliability of sensor accuracy. They optimize temperature characteristic to guarantee operation at 150°C and add a clamp function to prevent erroneous detection by separating the diagnostic voltage range from the normal output voltage range.

“FA8A80 Series” 650-V PWM Power Supply Control ICs
HIASA, NobuyukiENDO, YutaKARINO, Taichi
Switching power supplies for electronic devices, which are increasingly being required to save energy and reduce the number of parts usage, need to achieve high efficiency, low standby power, and reduction in the number of parts. Fuji Electric has developed the “FA8A80 Series” 650-V PWM power supply control ICs, which allows power supplies to achieve compact size and improve safety, as well as high efficiency and low stand-by power, which are inherited from the “FA8A60 Series.” The maximum applied voltage for the high-voltage input terminals has increased to 650 V from the previous withstand voltage of 500V. Furthermore, the series has also achieved greater surge resistance. Their protection functions have the same characteristics as conventional products, facilitating to use existing design resources to promote labor savings in power supply design.

“Super J MOS S2 Series” and “Super J MOS S2FD Series” for DFN 8 × 8 Packages
Fuji Electric has launched the DFN 8 × 8 package line-up of the “Super J MOS S2 Series” and “Super J MOS S2FD Series” 2nd-generation low power loss SJ-MOSFETs having a super-junction structure. This surface mount package is smaller and thinner than the previous D2-PACK package. The DFN 8 × 8 package doesn’t have a lead terminal, but all electrode pads are arranged on its back surface. Compared with the D2-PACK, the mounting area has been reduced by 58% and the package height to 0.85mm, thus making high-density mounting possible. It also comes equipped with a sub-source terminal for speeding up switching operations.

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