Fuji Electric Review Vol.62-No.2, 2016

Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2015

Fuji Electric Review Vol. 61-No.2, 2015

Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2014

Fuji Electric Review Vol.60-No.2, 2014

Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2013

Fuji Electric Review Vol.59-No.1, 2013

Technical Achievement and Outlook

Fuji Electric: Photoconductor Market Review, 2006-2012

Fuji Electric’s photoconductor line-up consists of five product lines, all of which are developed in accordance with our ongoing commitment to the environment.  This white paper describes the trends in the printer and copier markets; highlights the latest energy-efficient technologies and products using photoconductors as key devices for electrophotographic technologies; and describes the outlook for […]

Fuji Electric Review Vol.57-No.1, 2011


Magnetic Recording Media Photoconductors Vol.55-No.1, 2009

Fuji Electric was one of the first companies to commercialize perpendicular magnetic recording media, and quickly implemented a vertically integration of its production line and is responding to the expanding market.

Magnetic Recording Media Photoconductor Vol.53 – No. 2, 2007

Fuji Electric has previously developed, manufactured and sold magnetic recording media with the recent development of a perpendicular magnetic recording method.