Fuji Electric Review Vol.62-No.2, 2016



Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2015

Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2015


The world is facing various energy and environmental problems as a result of the sharp increase in population and the rapid development of industrialization. Under these circumstances, the world’s energy technologies have been drastically changing with the advance of renewable energies developed to mitigate global warming. Fuji Electric is striving to achieve a safe, secure and sustainable society through the innovation of energy and environmental technologies. This special issue on “Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2015” is a compilation of the technical achievements of FY2015 and summarizes the outlook for the future. We hope that this special issue will be helpful in the creation of a new society.


“Through Innovation in Energy and Environment Technology, We Contribute to the Creation of Sustainable Societies.”

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Special Conversation
“IoT and M2M — The Transformation of Social and Industrial Infrastructure”
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Achievements and Future Outlook
“Powerful Component-Based Solutions Creating Customer Value”
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Highlights PDF [1.45MB]

Electric Power Generation Systems
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Social Infrastructure PDF [800KB]

Industrial Infrastructure PDF [2.19MB]

Power Electronics Equipment PDF [865KB]

Electronic Devices PDF [1.45MB]

Food Distribution PDF [767KB]

Fundamental and Advanced Technologies PDF [925KB]

FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW vol.62 no.2 2016 Detailed Contents PDF [430KB]

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