Fuji Electric Review Vol.64-No. 1, 2018

Industrial Solutions Contributing to Environmental Protection and Productivity Improvement

Fuji Electric Review Vol.63-No.2, 2017

Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2016

Fuji Electric Review Vol.62-No.2, 2016

Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2015

Fuji Electric Review Vol. 61-No.2, 2015

Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2014

Fuji Electric Review Vol.61-No.1, 2015

Power Electronics

Fuji Electric Review Vol.60-No.2, 2014

Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2013

Fuji Electric Review Vol.59-No.1, 2013

Technical Achievement and Outlook

Fuji Electric Review Vol.58-No.4, 2012

Power Electronics Technology

Drive and Power Supply Technology Vol.55-No.4, 2009

Fuji Electric has been providing power semiconductors, an important power electronics device, since the mid-1970s, and has provided products containing power electronics as the key technology to various market sectors.

Inverter and Servo Systems Programmable Control Devices and Systems Vol.54 – No.1. 2008

This issue covers wide range of Fuji Electric's core system control devices, such as the MICREX-SX series of programmable controllers, the MONITUOCH series of HMI displays, the FRENIC series of general purpose inverters etc.