Fuji Electric Review Vol.63-No.2, 2017


 Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2016

Techinical Achievement and Outlook in FY2016

Through our pursuit of innovation in energy and environment technology,Fuji Electric creates environmentally friendly products and systems for using energy stably and most efficiently. We have been conducting research and development to pursue value for customers thoroughly by using the technologies of creating competitive components, building systems characterized by the use of these components, and connecting these systems with the Internet of Things (IoT). This issue is a compilation of the technical achievements of FY2016 and summarizes the outlook for the future. We hope that this issue will be helpful to create a new society.

Pursuing Innovation in Energy and Environment Businesses, We Contribute to the Creation of Responsible and Sustainable Societies Under the Slogan “To Be Enthusiastic, Ambitious and Sensitive”
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Special Conversation
— Aiming to Achieve One-Trillion-Yen Mark Before Fuji Electric Centennial in 2023 —
Technology Marketing: Role and Significance in Pursuing
Customer-Value-Centered Product Planning and R&D
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Achievements and Future Outlook
IoT — Connected Powerful Components and Solutions Creating Customer Value
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Energy Solutions in Power Electronics Systems
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Industry Solutions in Power Electronics Systems
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Electronic Devices
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 Power Generation
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 Food Distributions
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Fundamental and Advanced Technologies
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