Fuji Electric Review Vol. 61-No.2, 2015


FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW Vol.61-No.2, 2015[5.2MB]

FUJI ELECTRIC REVIEW Vol.61-No.2 ,2015 Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2014


Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2014

Extreme weather events thought to be caused by global warming are occurring frequently all over the world and resulting in significant damage. Under these circumstances, to prevent global warming, renewable energy is increasingly being utilized and global energy technology is changing significantly. Through the pursuit of innovation in electric and thermal energy technology, Fuji Electric develops products that maximize energy efficiency and lead to a responsible and sustainable society. This special issue on “Technical Achievement and Outlook in FY2014” is a compilation of the technical achievements of FY2014 and summarizes the outlook for the future. We hope that this special issue will be helpful in the creation of a new society.

“Fuji Electric’s Contribution to the Creation of a Responsible and Sustainable Society Through Innovation in Electric and Thermal Energy Technology”
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Special Conversation
“How We Should Take Advantage of Our Power Semiconductors and Power Electronics to Proceed in Era of Networking and Standardization”
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Achievements and Future Outlook
“Providing Powerful Component Based Energy Solutions”
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Highlights PDF [1.1MB]

Electric Power Generation Systems PDF [937KB]

Social Infrastructure PDF [783KB]

Industrial Infrastructure PDF [2.0MB]

Power Electronics Equipment PDF [1.3MB]

Electronic Devices PDF [805KB]

Food Distribution PDF [489KB]

Fundamental and Advanced Technologies PDF [756KB]

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