NDIR Gas Analyzers

Measurement of the concentration of 1 to 5 components

The Fuji Electric extractive multigas analyser range consists of non-dispersive 5-gas infrared analyzers. They allow simultaneous and continuous measurement by extraction of 1 to 5 gases from:

  • CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, CH4 and N2O by single or double beam NDIR technology
  • O2 by paramagnetic, Zirconia or electrochemical technology

Features and Benefits

  • Simple maintenance thanks to self-diagnostic functions
  • Good precision and excellent stability of the measurement over time
  • Large backlit display
  • Automatic zero and span calibration
  • Correction with oxygen
  • Modbus® protocol digital link
  • Large scale dynamics (1 to 20 configurable)

Detection principle

The mass flow meter determines the amount of infrared light absorbed by the measuring cell.
Mass flow meter:

  • It converts the absorption of infrared light into an electrical signal.
  • Excellent resistance to interference thanks to the low impedance sensor.
  • The absence of moving parts makes the analyzer particularly resistant to vibrations.

ZKJ – 5 components analyser – NDIR dual beam


CO2  –  CO  –  CH4  –  NOX  –  SO2  –  O2  –  NO  –  N2O

Ideal for controlling polluting emissions

Uses a highly sensitive mass flow meter as a detector.

Simultaneous and continuous measurement of 5 gases :

Characteristics :

  • The reference cell of the double beam principle offers excellent performance
  • Low scales from 0-20 ppm
  • Excellent zero point stability: ± 1% FS per week
  • Integrated interference detectors help reduce cross interference optimally
  • Clean and intuitive interface with advanced diagnostic and calibration features

Measuring principle:

  • NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, CH4, NO: Non-dispersive infrared absorption method.
  • O2: Paramagnetic or electrochemical method (measuring element incorporated in the analyzer) or zirconia method (external analyzer type ZFK7)

ZRE – 5 gas NDIR analyser – Single beam


CO2  –  CO  –  CH4  –  NOX  –  SO2  –  O2  –  NO  –  N2O

Compact and easy to use

  • Excellent stability over time
  • No influence of humidity on the measurement
  • Automatic calibration, communication and alarms

Simultaneous and continuous measurement of the concentration of 5 gases:

Characteristics :

  • Simultaneous and continuous measurement of one to five components
  • Possibility for the user to select two scopes for each component and to modify them freely
  • Simple internal structure for easy maintenance
  • Compact and lightweight: 483 (W) × 133 (H) × 418 (D) mm, 8 kg
  • Complete range of O2 measurement technologies: electrochemical, paramagnetic or zirconia

Measuring principle:

The amount of infrared radiation absorbed in the measuring cell is detected with a micro mass flowmeter. The low impedance micro mass flowmeter has excellent interference immunity, and the sensor, without moving part, is insensitive to vibrations.


Measuring components and ranges

Model ZRE - 5 components analyser - NDIR single beam technology ZKJ - 5 components gas analyser
Range Minimum range Maximum range
NO 0-200ppm 0-5000ppm
SO2 0-200ppm 0-10 vol%
CO2 0-100ppm 0-100 vol%
CO 0-200ppm 0-100 vol%
CH4 0-500ppm 0-100 vol%
N2O _ _
O2 (electrochemical) 0-10 vol% 0-25 vol%
O2 (paramagnetic) 0-10 vol% 0-25 vol%
O2 (external analyser) 0-5 vol% 0-25 vol%

Infrared Gas Analyzer High Performance Model (ZPB Series)

Infrared Gas Analyzer Low-Concentration Measurement Model (ZPG Series)

Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer (ZKG Series)