CEMS & Process Monitoring Gas Analyzers

Fuji Electric’s CEMS & Process Monitoring Gas Analyzers provide infrared and cross-stack laser process analysis for compliant CEMS and process applications. Multi-component infrared analyzers are available for up to 5 gases, including CO, CO2, NOx, and SOx, methane, and oxygen. Models of higher and lower range ratios are available to meet customer project requirements. In addition, Fuji Electric sells specialized models for automobile and heat treatment emissions applications.

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Brochures & Catalogs:

Model Description Catalog Datasheet Instruction Manual Service Manual Communication Function Other Manuals
ZAF Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer 21C1-E-0031 EDS3-166 TN4ZAF-E TN513974a-E
ZAFE Flame-proof Type Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer 21C1-E-0025a EDS3-146a TN4ZAFE-E
ZAJ Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer EDS3-115f TN6ZAJ-E TN512955b-E
ZBAK Gas Extractor EDS3-1k TN5ZBAK2a-E
ZBB Gas Filter / Cleaner EDS3-1k TN3ZBBc-E
ZBBB6,7,8 Component Eliminator EDS3-1k TN3ZBBB6-E
ZBC9 Peltier Gas Cooler EDS3-1k TN4ZBC9-E
ZBF Ball, Valve, 2-way Valve, 4-way Valve EDS3-1k TN3ZBFa-E
ZBG Gas Aspirator EDS3-1k TN4ZBGb-E
ZDL03 NO2 /NO Converter  TN1ZDL03c-E
ZDL04 NO2 /NO Converter TN1ZDL04b-E
ZDL05 NO2 /NO Converter TN1ZDL05-E
ZFG Infrared Gas Analyzer 21C1-E-0079a EDS3-165 TN3ZFG-E TN5A0150a-E
ZFK3,4,7 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer TN4ZFK3a-E TN5A0281a-E
ZFK7 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer TN4ZFK7a-E
ZFK8/ZKM Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer 21C1-E-0057b EDSX3-137i

(HART): (EDSX3-151c)

ZFKE / ZKME Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer for Hazardous Location EDS3-139i TN5ZFKEa-E
ZFP9 Infrared CO2 Controller EDS3-104c  TN1ZFP9c-E
ZFP9-3 Infrared CO2 Controller EDS3-155a TN3ZFP9-E
ZKE Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer 21C1-E-0076 ECNO:324d TN1ZKEe-E  TN512524d-E
ZKG Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer EDS3-125b  TN2ZKGa-E
ZKJ Infrared Gas Analyzer 21C1-E-0068 MODBUS: TN513327b-E
ZKM Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Converter TN1ZKMg-E TN5A0845b-E MODBUS: TN5A0506a-E
ZKMA/ZKMB Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Converter TN2ZKMAb-E  TN5A3555-E  Transmission Specification: TN5A2373-E
 ZKME Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Converter (Flameproof Type) TN1ZKMEc-E
ZPA/ZPB/ZPG NDIR Gas Analyzer 21C1-E-0012a EDS3-161 TN2ZPA-E  TN5A1191b-E MODBUS: TN5A1190-E
ZPAF  Biomass Gas Analyzer 21C1-E-0082a  EDS3-162  TN2ZPAF-E
ZPAH/ZPA1 Infrared Gas Analyzer (Replacement for ZRJ) EDS3-164 TN2ZPAH-E
 ZPAJ Infrared Gas Analyzer (Replacement for ZRJ) EDS3-163  TN2ZPAJ-E
ZPB Infrared Gas Analyzer High Performance Model EDS3-168 TN2ZPB-E
ZPG Infrared Gas Analyzer Low-Concentration Measurement Model EDS3-169 TN2ZPG-E
ZRC6  Infrared Gas Analyzer EDS3-126b  TN1ZRC6a-E
 ZSB Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Direct Insertion Type EDS3-124e  TN2ZSBa-E
ZSF Aerosol Analyzer 21C1-E-0087a  EDS3-152a
ZSJ NOX, SO2, CO, CO2, O2 Analyzer 21C1-E-0032 EDS3-167  TN2ZSJ-E Installation Manual: TN5A1588-E
 ZSQ  CO/O2 Gas Analyzer for Stack Gas EDS3-116e TN4ZSQa-E
ZSU NOX, SO2, CO, CO2, O2 Analyzer 21C1-E-0061

Flue Gas Analyzer System: ZSU-7 (21C1-E-0066)

EDS3-160 TN5ZSUa-E Installation Manual: Model ZSU-5 TN5A1309-E
ZSV Portable Infrared Gas Analyzer 21C1-E-0065  TN514400b-E
ZSVF Compact Type Gas Analyzer EDS3-130j TN2ZSVFa-E TN514401a-E
ZSVS Compact Type Gas Analyzer EDS3-132g TN2ZSVSa-E TN514401a-E
ZTA Ejector for Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer TN1ZTAb-E

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