Fuji Electric’s new generator series provide high-quality and short delivery terms. These air-cooled generators are ideal for small and medium size power plants with ratings up to 300 MVA.

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Generator Key Advantages:

  • High-reliability
    • Product design based on detailed analysis on electromagnetic field, ventilation cooling, mechanical strength and vibration.
  • Short delivery term
    • Adoption of diverse automatic manufacturing facilities.
    • Shortening of manufacturing process by rearranging series processes into parallel processes
  • Simple maintenance and inspection
    • Use of global vacuum pressure impregnated insulation system (Global VPI) for stator winding
    • Compact structure due to overhang mounting of brushless exciter to generator

The generators can be supplied to conform with global international standards and regulations in the major industrialized countries.
Generators that satisfy requirements such as higher harmonics suppression, phase advancing operation and frequent starting up and shutting down, can also be supplied. A generator has the following basic specifications:

  1. Type: Horizontal-mount, cylindrical rotor, rotating field
  2. Output: 20 to 300MVA
  3. Voltage: 11 to 13.8kV (less than 200MVA), 16kV (200MVA or more)
  4. Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz, 3-phase
  5. No. of poles: 2 (3000r/min; 50 Hz, 3600r/min; 60 Hz) (syn. Speed)
  6. Power factor: 0.85 (lag)
  7. Cooling and ventilation: Totally-enclosed, water-air cooled, self ventilation

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