V-SFT Configuration Software

Fuji Electric’s Monitouch V-SFT Configuration Software offers enhanced operability and convenient screen configuration tools to allow for easy viewing of HMI displays, graphic indication of system configuration, and enhanced search functionality.  This V-SFT HMI software is compatible with all Fuji Electric HMIs, featuring new capabilities such as scheduled HMI activities, customized splash screen, PDF document viewer, video player, scrolling alarm messages, 10 pop-up windows with transparency, and the ability to create screens larger than the current 1:1 format.

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Configuration of Easy-to-view Screens
The number of picture icons has been increased, and the icons with plain design have been added. Pick from the wide range of ready-made icons for sophisticated representation.
img01_01Simple icons addedPopular simple icons that are used widely on smartphones have been introduced.
img01_02Increased picture icons
The number of the picture icons has been increased.

PC PC⁄AT compatible machine with Windows
OS Windows XP/XP64 Edition/ Windows Vista (32bit,64bit)/
Windows 7 (32bit,64bit)/ Windows 8 (32bit,64bit)/
Windows 8.1 (32bit,64bit)/ Windows 10 (32bit,64bit)
CPU Pentium4 2.0GHz or higher is recommended.
Memory 1GB or more
Hard disk For installation:2.0GB or more availlable space
Disk drive DVD-ROM drive
Display Resolution 1024×768(XGA) or higher
Color indication High Color (16bit) or higher
Others Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5
(If a PC does not have .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5, Framework 4.0 will automatically be installed on the PC.)


Upgraded Operability
Ribbon Menu
The ribbon-shaped menu bar is available. Enlarged icons are easily visible also improves the operability remarkably.
img02_01Ladder Diagram for Interlock
Interlocking operations can be set on the ladder diagram, which makes it easy to grasp the settings and set multiple conditions.
img02_02Graphic Indication of System Configuration
The improved hardware setting screen makes it easy to grasp exactly how devices are connected together in the system.
img02_03Docking WindowsT
he project view windows and item view windows can be docked or floated easily.
img02_04Integration of Search menuThe search menu, which used to be displayed separately, have now been integrated for easy operation.

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