HMI Displays for Pharmaceutical OEMs

The MONITOUCH V9 Series of HMI Displays offer unparalleled security features to comply with 21 CFR Part 11, which helps to keep your equipment safe and protected from unauthorized access. With models ranging in size from 5.7”-15” we’ve got any size to meet your needs. The following features allow for different levels of access based on individual IDs, with detailed reports available so that you can see any access gained, all logged data, alarms that occurred and parameters used. These advanced operator interfaces also offer printing capabilities for convenience and productivity.


User Access

  • User ID/Password can be registered directly on MONITOUCH screens, no need for PCs (up to 50 registrants)
  • Auto-logout function after a certain time period (0-540 minutes) prevents unauthorized access
  • Manage login history and unauthorized access history, and track activity by each User ID
  • Audit trails (operation log function)

Password Management

  • Control password expiration frequency, system will warn user 7 days in advance
  • Control number of wrong password attempts in order to protect against unauthorized access; user account will be automatically deleted after exceeding set number of attempts
  • Password entry control; Programmable password formats for added security (i.e. number of characters, required use of numbers or special characters)
  • Control security levels – restrict access based on each individual ID’s security level

Printing Capabilities

  • Online Printing – Reports available for all logged data including parameters used and alarms that occurred
  • Offline Printing – Using a USB or SD card, users can conveniently print directly from the HMI Display without connecting to a PC
  • Data Sheet Printing – Printing format can be stored in data sheet so that the report can be printed in the desired format
Download The MONITOUCH Hygiene Series Brochure