O Especialista de Inversores

Welcome to The Inverters Expert!
Thomas Bopp, our inverters expert, will answer some frequently asked questions while providing valuable insights into common challenges, Fuji Electric’s solutions, and the inverters market.

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Video Insights
How did Fuji Electric get started in the U.S. Drives and Inverters market?

How is Fuji Electric’s Drives and Inverters portfolio structured?

How is Fuji Electric addressing the need for “Just in Time” delivery?

What type of support can customers expect from Fuji Electric?

What type of training does Fuji Electric offer for its Drives and Inverters?

Explain the significance of Fuji Electric’s warranty for Drives and Inverters?

What new products are in development at Fuji Electric?

What does “graceful degradation” of a drive mean?

What is Fuji Electric’s manufacturing strategy for Drives?

Why will Fuji Electric be a major player in the Drives industry for years to come?

How important to Fuji Electric is the balance of value and functionality in the Drives industry?

Meet the Expert
Thomas Bopp
General Manager of AC Drives, HMI and Ring Compressor Departments

Tom has over 30 years of Sales, Marketing, and Management experience with leading multinational industrial automation companies; including ABB, Rockwell Automation, and Siemens. He began his career at ABB Robotics as an Application Engineer and then moved through positions in Sales, Marketing, and Product Management. Tom held Sales positions and then moved into Sales Management with Rockwell Automation and Siemens Industrial.

Tom is currently the General Manager for over $25M in annual sales for the AC Drives, HMI, and Ring Compressor departments. In this role he’s leading business expansion throughout the Americas through strategic planning, business development, channels and marketing management. His responsibilities include Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Service and Customer Service.

Toms’ formal education includes a Bachelor Degree in Engineering and an MBA.